Oh Canada!


For the past 6 days I have had the pleasure of being in Vancouver. It’s my first time in Canada and I’m sure it won’t be my last. It’s a beautiful city and while here I have managed to sneak in a couple of shows for fun!


First up was Frightened Rabbit and The National at the PNE Amphitheatre. It was very British weather throughout the day, pouring with rain, but thankfully just before show time it relented, which was great as it is an outdoor venue!

Frightened Rabbit are from Scotland. I wasn’t familiar with them or their music but I really enjoyed their set. The National came on a little late but the crowd didn’t seem to mind with huge cheers as they took the stage.


The next day my good friend Brent Fitz rolled into town on his tour around Canada with Sabian on the Cymbal Vote tour. It was fun seeing him again and I hung out at the event for the afternoon. He rocked out on the drums briefly and I managed to snap a few pics! After the event we went to see the mighty Canucks play…my first hockey game in Canada! Thanks Brent for an awesome day!


I then took a few touristy days, including a day trip to Whistler. This sure is a beautiful part of the world!

Last night I headed to the famous Commodore Ballroom to see The Matinee and Dallas Smith. I have both artists albums so I was looking forward to seeing both bands. There was no photo pit but I managed to get a spot at the front. Before either band hit the stage,  country music was played loudly, and it was fun to watch the crowd sing and dance along, just another reminder of what is lacking back in the UK,  we need more country!

The Matinee are from Vancouver, so they had plenty of support in the audience. Although I really like their CD, they are a band you have to see live to appreciate how talented they are. They have so much passion for what they do which transfers to the audience who clap and cheer along. I hope I get to see them live again soon,  time to head over the pond boys!


Dallas Smith is also a local boy so understandably the crowd went wild as he hit the stage. Rarely standing still, he worked the crowd, always interacting and staying close to his fans.

He threw in a few new songs in the set, along with a appearance by The Green Men and Chad Brownlee.

It’s been a fun holiday so far and I have another week left!  Make sure to check out www.facebook.com/helsbelsphotography where I have posted more photos.  When I am back in the UK I will post albums of each artist!

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